What is the Barcelona Weather Forecast?

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Are you looking for the Barcelona weather forecast? There is no doubt about it; the city enjoys excellent weather for most of the year. Are you looking for bright sunny skies? How about warm temperatures? Do world class beaches sound like a good idea to you?

Weather in Barcelona is often categorized as nothing short of fantastic. The consistently excellent weather in Barcelona is a key reason that so many people buy second homes in Spain and the Barcelona area in particular.

The Barcelona weather forecast plays in your favour

The weather forecast plays in your favor

The Barcelona Weather Forecast Draws Travelers In!

Barcelona is a major transportation hub and a short plane ride from all of Europe. This fact means that those living in grayer and colder climates, such as the UK and Scandinavia, often look at the weather forecast for Barcelona and pretty excited about the idea of travel to Barcelona Spain or contacting a real estate agent about looking for a condo or home. Airlines have started to offer special rates to encourage people from other parts of Europe to take a city break in Barcelona.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to traveling in Barcelona. It is no accident that Barcelona stands as a major travel destination. One look at the current weather in Barcelona is usually enough to get people excited about a trip.

Weather Forecast for Barcelona - Looking Good Year Round

The weather forecast for Barcelona tends to be pleasant, no matter when you might be traveling. You won't really have to worry about winter snow storms or heavy rains interfering with your travel. For example, even the month of January is quite nice. The average January high is roughly 61°F or 16°C, and there is a mere inch of rainfall.

Not only are the daily January highs averaging 61 degrees (16°C), but the night time lows are a completely comfortable 43 degrees (6°C). It is no wonder that people look at the Barcelona weather summary and think to themselves, “This is the city for me!”

Barcelona weather forecast - Regular temperature a day on August

Regular temperature a day on August

Barcelona Summer Weather is Glorious

You might be thinking, “Well that sounds great, but I bet the summers are super hot, right?” As it turns out, Barcelona’s summertime temperatures are not what people suspect.

So just how hot does it get during the warmest of months in Barcelona, August? The answer surprises even the savviest travelers in that August the highs range from 77-95°F, or 25-35°C. If you were expecting a higher number, you are not alone.

But the facts are that Barcelona Spain weather isn't quite as hot as many people suspect. In fact, most of the year the temperature in Barcelona is actually quite pleasant.

Check the Barcelona weather forecast and plan your time in the sun

Check the weather forecast and plan your time in the sun

Need Some Time in the Sun? Travel to Sunny Barcelona!

Do you crave sunny days? Most people do, and Spain has a lot of bright days every month. In fact, the number of sunshine hours is nothing short of impressive. One of the most reliable aspects of the Barcelona weather is that you can expect to see the sun.

Through the summer months of June through August, you’ll have sunny hours per month ranging from 262 to 282. Sunny hours peak in August at 310; now that is a lot of sunshine! No wonder people love the Barcelona Spain weather when they are looking to get some sunshine and enjoy the great weather.

Barcelona weather forecast - You may expect good weather and clear skies most of the time

You may expect good weather and clear skies most of the time

The Weather Forecast Offers Amazingly Consistent Weather

Does the news regarding the weather forecast for Barcelona get even better? Yes! Overall, there are few fluctuations in temperature. Bad weather can quickly and easily ruin a trip, but when traveling to Barcelona, the odds are excellent that the weather will be your friend! More than that you can be quite confident that the current weather in Barcelona will actually help improve your trip and add to its overall quality.

So in summary, Barcelona Spain weather is just about as good as it gets. Lots of sun, warm and consistent temperatures and an endless amount of things to do, yes, Barcelona has it all! You'll indeed enjoy many activities in Barcelona Spain. Of course, always check the current weather in Barcelona before you pack for your trip. However, chances are good that you can leave your heavy coat and rain boots at home!

Enjoy the good weather and check our special deals and recommendations!