Essential Barcelona Tourist Information - A Brief Barcelona Travel Guide

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Find Barcelona tourist information tips and suggestions that will help you plan your Barcelona travel. Barcelona city is a major travel destination and a complex and large city. There are many areas to stay and no shortage of places to visit. In short, a trip to Barcelona stands as a unique experience and one that you will no doubt love.

In this brief Barcelona travel guide, we will give you an overview of the top things to do in Barcelona, the famous Barcelona tourist attractions, and what to see in Barcelona. We'll also give you some tips on where to stay in Barcelona, and recommended Barcelona accommodation near famous attractions.

Barcelona tourist information - Book a Hotel in the best areas to stay in Barcelona

Book a Hotel in the best neighborhoods of Barcelona

What Are the Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona?

Barcelona city has many attractions that are spread throughout the town in different districts. However, there are some areas of particular interest, where several attractions are located more or less nearby each other. Booking your hotel in these neighborhoods is the way to go for your best Barcelona tourism experience.

Here we suggest a few areas that we consider the best places to stay in Barcelona, based on factors such as transport facilities, walking distance to the places to visit in Barcelona and to famous Barcelona landmarks, and in some cases also the proximity to a Barcelona beach.

We recommend the following best areas to stay in Barcelona: Ciutat Vella (old city) and especially the Gothic Quarter, Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas. Also the Eixample district, and the Port Olimpic area to be close to Barcelona Spain beaches.

Besides, all these neighborhoods, in general, offer a range of activities in Barcelona Spain that could be hard to find in other areas of the city. Eating at a variety of good restaurants is not a problem, and there are also plenty of shopping and nightlife.

Do you want to see all that Barcelona has to offer? Then one of the most important steps for you to take is to opt for a centrally located hotel.

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Barcelona tourist information - Free public transport plus lots of discounts with the Barcelona Card

Free public transport plus lots of discounts with the Barcelona Card

Getting Around Barcelona - Barcelona Sightseeing Tickets

Traveling in Barcelona is remarkably easy, especially when you have the right tips. One excellent tip we can offer is to look for hotels that are near the metro and other public transportation hotspots. Finding a hotel that can provide you with fast access to travel is a prudent step, as it will save you a considerable amount of time.

If you plan to get around by public transportation in Barcelona during your trip, and you want to save some money, then you should definitely consider the Barcelona Card.

All public transportation will be free of charge with the Barcelona Card. It is also free to enter the most famous museums in Barcelona! This discount transport pass will provide you with a wide variety of cuts and deals on Barcelona Spain travel. You will save on tours, restaurants, attractions, shopping and more!

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Another valuable piece of Barcelona tourist information is to consider the Bus Turistic, which is a hop on hop off bus tour. This tour is more than just a Barcelona bus tour, as it regularly goes to all of the best Barcelona tourism spots throughout the city.

If you are just getting to know Barcelona, this city sightseeing bus will show you all the most famous attractions in Barcelona in just one or two days. Audio guide in several languages is included in the ticket, plus a booklet full of discounts for attractions, shops, tours, and more.

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Barcelona tourist information - La Sagrada Familia is the most visited attraction

La Sagrada Familia is the most visited attraction

What To Do in Barcelona Spain?

The truth is that you will never run out of things to do in Barcelona Spain. Barcelona city guidebooks and Barcelona maps can only do so much to outline just how much there is to do in the city. Of course, you won’t want to miss La Sagrada Familia, which is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world.

Las Ramblas alone is home to museums, shopping, theaters, exceptional restaurants and more. This old neighborhood was first constructed in 1377, it has been partially rebuilt and is growing ever since. Areas such as La Rambla underscore just how much there is to do in this historic and diverse city.

Top Activities and Tours in Barcelona

No matter how much available time you have during your Barcelona vacation, the list of activities will always be full. Click on the links below and start planning what you can do in Barcelona, by keeping your spending at the minimum.

Buy Tickets for Activities in Barcelona

Here you can buy skip-the-line tickets for attractions, sightseeing tours, FC Barcelona football games and other activities.

Tours and Things to Do in Barcelona

Tours and Things to Do in Barcelona

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Elementary Barcelona Tourist Information You Should Have

A newly updated and relevant Barcelona map is only part of what you should have ready for your Barcelona trip. Along with a city map, you will want to have the most current Barcelona travel guide, like our Barcelona Budget website.

This region is changing fast, and you want the most up to date information for when it does change. Emergency contact information is also essential. A point that many travelers miss regarding tourist information is to print out all of your maps from your hotel to destinations in advance.

Smartphones and GPS are almost a must, but so are good old-fashioned maps which can give you a different perspective and work when there are problems with GPS or your smartphone runs out of batteries. After all, no one wants to get lost in a new city!

Selecting the right hotels, restaurants and travel destinations such as Las Ramblas, the Picasso Museum and more, are all about having the right information. The great news is that it is easier to get that information than ever before!

The more thoroughly you can prep for your Barcelona journey ahead of the time, the more you will increase your relaxation levels and enjoy a fabulous trip. Of course, our website Barcelona Budget has a wealth of reliable and up to date information for travelers. We are always finding the hottest and best deals in the city and providing them to you. Click here for Hot Deals.

Where Can You Find Help About Barcelona Tourism?

There are many ways to find tourist information about Barcelona. Travel books can be a good source, but they may not be quite as up to date as they should be. Another way to get information about traveling in Barcelona is to find it directly from the Spanish government.

They have Barcelona tourism information available via their website and through offices in different cities around the world. Whether it is Tokyo or Los Angeles, there is probably a Barcelona tourism office near you! Also, once you are in Barcelona, you will find several tourist offices throughout the city. The central Barcelona tourist information office is located in Plaza Catalunya.