How Much is a Barcelona Taxi from the Airport? - And Private Airport Transfers in Barcelona?

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What are the Barcelona taxi prices from the airport? How much is a taxi from Barcelona airport to the cruise port? We'll let you know the average taxi fare from Barcelona airport to city center and the cruise terminals in Barcelona, and why you should consider low-cost private transfers instead.

As long as you don't end up accidentally selecting an unscrupulous taxi driver, a taxi ride could be an enjoyable way to travel, especially if you have the extra money to spend.

So what are the prices like for a taxi ride in Barcelona? In general, if you are traveling for about 15 minutes in a cab around the city, you will get charged about €10.00. Also on holidays and late nights you may get charged more.

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The Cheapest Private Transfers from Barcelona Airport

Most often the cost of a cab can rack up quickly if you are choosing this method of transportation for Barcelona airport transfers. Some of the reasons that this is true is that there can be extra charges for more than one bag and airport exit or entry.

The price of a taxi from Barcelona airport to your hotel in the city or Las Ramblas will be at least €35 which will usually be more than you can spend if you take private transfers in Barcelona.

We offer the lowest prices for private transfers from Barcelona airport to city center, to your hotel or the cruise ship terminals. This private transfer option is not only a Barcelona airport pickup service, but you can also book it as a transfer service from any departure point to any destination.

At the time of booking just specify the required information, and depending on the number of passengers you may get a transfer by minibus (minivan) or by a car.

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Barcelona taxi - Using a taxi as airport shuttle is quite expensive

Using a taxi as airport shuttle is quite expensive

How Much is a Taxi from Barcelona Airport to City Center?

Using a taxi as a Barcelona airport shuttle is not the most convenient way for an airport transfer. When you arrive at Barcelona El Prat airport, you can find cab stands outside terminal 1 (T1) and terminal 2 (T2). Conveniently located signs will point you to this area. Of course, you will have to wait in line for your cab with all the rest of the travelers. Don't try going around the airport rules and catching one on your own, as there is a very orderly procedure to follow.

How much do Barcelona airport transfers by taxi cost? The minimum rate is €20 to hire any cab from the airport. This means that even if your hotel is right next to the airport you will get charged at least €20. Then there are added rates depending on exactly where in the city you are going. The average taxi fare from Barcelona airport to city center is €35.

Taxi Prices from Barcelona Airport and Additional Charges

What you can take free of charge: one suitcase smaller than 55x40x20 cm, a wheelchair, a guide dog, and a pram.
- Minimum fare from the airport: €20
- Average fare from the airport to city center: €35
- Additional airport (or cruise port) charge: €3.10
- Additional charge per suitcase or baggage: €1.00
- Additional charge for a 7 passengers cab: €3.10

There can also be additional charges for special nights like holidays. You should be able to see these rates plus other fees listed inside the cab since taxis are required to have the information about rates displayed inside the vehicle. But once you have started your ride, it could be too late to change your mind as you'll have to pay the minimum fare.

If you are traveling outside of Barcelona, you should explicitly check with your driver ahead of time to see what the rate will be. All taxis accept credit card payment.

Cheap Barcelona Airport Shuttle Services

Of course, if you want to save money on your trip into the city, a taxi is probably not your best option. Barcelona bus transfers run pretty consistently both day and night, and they will definitely be easier on your wallet. You can also find a Barcelona airport shuttle by metro, train, and a shuttle bus from Barcelona airport to city center called AeroBus.

Barcelona taxi - A green light at the top indicates a free cab ("libre")

A green light at the top indicates a free cab ("libre"). Though there are almost 10,500 taxis in the city (2013), it's quite difficult to find one free on a rainy day

General Barcelona Taxi Information

Here is some additional useful information about this form of transportation in Barcelona. If you are looking for an official taxi, you can find it by its yellow and black color. There should be a green light on the top of the cab indicating that it can take passengers.

In general, taxis can carry up to 4 passengers. If you are traveling with more than 4, you may want to call to arrange for a special taxi that has the license to carry that many passengers. There are also special taxis that are available for disabled people.

Each cab should have a visible taximeter that is switched on at the beginning of a trip and switched off at the end. An exception is when you order a radio taxi. Radio taxis are allowed to turn on the taximeter before they arrive at the pickup point, but they have a regulated maximum fare in this case. In any case, you should also expect the driver to help you put luggage in and out of the car.

In Barcelona city, you can hail a cab from a street corner, or you can go to a taxi network stop. You can also call a cab company and request one to arrive at your chosen location.

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Should You Tip Your Taxi Driver?

In Barcelona, it isn't necessary to tip your driver. However, if you feel that you've gotten excellent service you can tip between 5-10% of the fare.

But always be aware of unscrupulous taxi drivers. Sometimes they will take you on the wrong route so that they can charge you more money. Unfortunately, there some deceptive drivers out there who are looking to take tourists for a ride, quite literally!

However, with that said, there are plenty of kind and decent taxi drivers out there as well who are genuinely helpful and interested in exposing travelers to this great city.