Barcelona Street Map - Where are the Attractions?

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When you look at the Barcelona street map, you will quickly see that the city is divided up into various districts. In total, there are 10 Barcelona Districts. This organization was approved back in 1984. Then in 2009, the city was divided further into 73 neighborhoods.

The reason that some of the Barcelona districts were set up as you see them today is that they had a history of being independent municipalities. Also included in the districts are ones like Badalona and Sant Andria de Besos that are separate towns, but part of the larger Barcelona metropolitan area.

Why is all of this important to you as a traveler? To see all the Barcelona attractions you have in mind, you will need to travel to a variety of different districts. Part of the fun is spending some time looking at the Barcelona districts map and figuring out where to go.

Barcelona Street Map - Some of the main attractions are located in the Eixample district

Some of the main attractions are located in the Eixample district

What Districts Have the Best Barcelona Attractions?

When it comes to population, the largest of the Barcelona districts is Eixample at approximately 262,500. Eixample contains neighborhoods including Sagrada Familia, Sant Antoni, and La Nova Esquerra de Eixample.

When you look at the map of the Barcelona districts in Eixample, you will realize that this is a fascinating area full of amazing architecture. As a tourist, it's definitely a district where you'll want to spend a lot of your time. First of all, you'll find even the streets have been influenced heavily by design. You will find long roads that are straight and set in a grid pattern and open square blocks. The Eixample district is easy to recognize on the Barcelona districts map.

Ildefons Cerda came up with this visionary design to improve streets in this part of Barcelona city. When you research the Eixample district more closely, you will realize exactly how many cool things are located in this district!

Eixample is greatly influenced by Modernista architects. It is home to several of the most famous Barcelona attractions including Antoni Gaudi's La Pedrera and Casa Battlo. These architectural wonders are on the Passeig de Gracia, which can easily be found on a map.

Street Map of Barcelona, Spain, With Top Attractions

The Eixample district also contains Sagrada Familia, which is likely Barcelona's number one tourist attraction. This and other places to visit in Barcelona are highlighted on any street map of Barcelona, as well as the Barcelona Metro stops, like the Diagonal Metro station, Passeig de Gracia, Plaza Catalunya and other stops. There are a few very popular hotels in Paseo de Gracia including Hotel Majestic, which is a luxury 5-star hotel and Hotel Condes de Barcelona.

You can download a very useful street map of Barcelona which is indeed an attractions map. It is the map of the routes of the Bus Turistic, the Barcelona sightseeing bus, that shows the location of the most important sights in the city.

Download the Barcelona Map with Attractions

Street Map With Hotels

We provide a comprehensive Map of Hotels in Barcelona that you can use to book your room at Las Ramblas, in the Old City, or in any other district of your interest. Beware that Barcelona is a busy city almost all over the year. You should avoid arriving at the town without a hotel reservation.

Open the Barcelona Hotels Map and Book Your Room Now!

Barcelona Street Map - You'll find Metro stops at or near several Barcelona highlights

You'll find Metro stops at or near several Barcelona highlights

A Sightseeing Tube Map Will Also Help

We provide both, a regular Metro map, and a Tube map with top Barcelona attractions so that you can better plan your trips around the city.

Spend some time trying to understand not only the street map but also the Barcelona metro map. You might even want to carry one around with you if you plan to use public transportation. There are eight lines which include L1-L5 and then L9-L11. They each have different colors on the map.

Believe it or not, there are 150 different stations throughout the city, and they will take you just about anywhere. If you take the subways and buses, you really don't need any other form of transport.

Download the Barcelona Sightseeing Subway Map

Download the Regular Barcelona Metro Map

Barcelona Street Map - Map showing Plaza Catalunya (top), Las Ramblas street (joining Plaza Catalunya with the Port), Raval (ellipse), Gothic Quarter and surroundig districts (rectangle)

Map showing Plaza Catalunya (top), Las Ramblas street (joining Plaza Catalunya with the Port), Raval (ellipse), Gothic Quarter and surroundig districts (rectangle)

Other Important Barcelona Districts

Sant Marti is towards the northeast of Barcelona city, and when you look at a map of Barcelona, you will see that it is right on the Mediterranean Sea. This area is Barcelona's second largest district, and it includes interesting neighborhoods like La Vila Olimpica de Poblenou, which was built for the 1992 Olympics.

Ciutat Vella is another one of the Barcelona districts that you'll find yourself in as a tourist, and it is also one of the oldest. It is conveniently located between the Eixample and the sea, and can easily be found on a Barcelona map. Ciutat Vella contains major Barcelona attractions including Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter.

Barcelona Street Map - Diagonal station is one of the important hubs of the Barcelona Metro network

Diagonal station is one of the important hubs of the Barcelona Metro network

Largest Hubs on the Barcelona Metro Map

The largest metro hubs are Diagonal and Passeig de Gracia. Plaza Catalunya, Plaza Urquinaona, Liceu, and Jaume I, are also crowded metro stops to be aware of.

The Diagonal stop leads to Plaza Juan Carles I, which is a very crowded area. Passeig de Gracia is another crucial and popular one. If you go to these busy stops, it will give you an excellent introduction to Barcelona city. Drassanes is another stop to be well acquainted with since it will take you to Las Ramblas. Once you get off the metro, you can use your street map of Barcelona to acquaint yourself with these areas better.

*Here's a quick tip for blending in and not standing out as a tourist. People generally refer to the Barcelona metro map lines by their color, not their name.

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