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The Barcelona soccer team is one of the favorite football squads not only across Europe but also around the world. See the best soccer team and live the unforgettable experience of a football match in the Camp Nou Stadium.


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FC Barcelona Football Tickets

FC Barcelona Soccer Tickets

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The Barcelona Football Team and The Passion

The Barcelona squad has a substantial number of fans not only in Barcelona but also across Spain and in other countries. The Barcelona Football Club stadium is known as the Camp Nou (or Nou Camp). It is worth to program a visit, since it is among one of the most important attractions in Barcelona, Spain.

The FCB soccer team is formed by twenty-four players in total, but as you probably know, only the main eleven players are allowed to play on the field in every match.

Moreover, all twenty-four players are carefully selected and trained to offer the maximum football standards. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is known as "the passion of the masses".

Barcelona Soccer Team - Coat of Arms

Soccer Team FC Barcelona - Coat of Arms

Barcelona Football Club - FCB Soccer

The soccer team FCB belongs to an organization named FC Barcelona (Football Club Barcelona or simply FCB).

Sometimes, the name of the Barcelona Football Club is commonly misspelled as “Futbol” Club Barcelona. But, there is a unique local team identification that makes it easier. Everyone uses the word Barça (pronounced as “barsa”, with both “a” like in “America”).

The team has three different main colors for the shirt, short and socks:

Barcelona Soccer Team Home Colors

Home Colors

Barcelona Soccer Team Away Colors

Away Colors

Barcelona Soccer Team Other Colors

Other Colors

The Barcelona Football Club has a very long and fascinating history of success. Learn more about the Barcelona soccer team.

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FC Barcelona Football Tickets

FC Barcelona Football Tickets

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FC barcelona vs. Real Madrid (El Clasico) - The Main Spanish Football Match

The FCB team and the Real Madrid FC team are the main squads of the Spanish football league “La Liga.” There is a famous rivalry between the two strongest teams in the national league. The game between these two giants is called El Clasico.

To live the football passion at the maximum, you should buy your FC Barcelona tickets and have a live experience of El Clasico in the Camp Nou stadium.

A football match is a “living” attraction, one of the top things to do in Barcelona, and has no comparison with any other. It is simply different. Just try it!