Where Should You Go for Barcelona Nightlife?

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Part of what makes Barcelona nightlife so interesting is its diversity. Do you want to visit a beach club in Barcelona? Or in a neighborhood full of cool architecture and culture? You can do it in Barcelona!

Great clubs are spread out across the city, and many of them have a wonderfully distinctive feel to them. Perhaps you are used to the idea that all nightclubs are “sort of the same,” but this isn’t the case when it comes to Barcelona. This fact helps to underscore why so many travelers from not just the rest of Europe, but also from around the world, love coming to this city for its incredible nightlife options.

Barcelona Nightlife - Catwalk Barcelona

Image courtesy of Catwalk

Barcelona Nightlife at Catwalk Barcelona

When it comes to exciting options for Barcelona dance clubs, four places immediately come to mind. The first option is Catwalk Barcelona. Catwalk is a large club, and the crowd tends to be young and very fashion focused.

If you want to see attractive people dressed to kill, then a trip to Catwalk Barcelona would be in order. There is plenty of seating and the upstairs, often referred to as the Sky Room, has plenty of seating and is a bit calmer than the wild dance floor below.

Barcelona Nightlife - Magic Club Barcelona

Image courtesy of Magic Club

Magic Club Barcelona

Another amazing option for the best dance clubs in Barcelona Spain is Magic Club Barcelona. Magic is very different from Catwalk, so visiting both in the same night can be a real experience. The vibe and music selection at Magic Club Barcelona can be eclectic, so don’t be shocked to hear everything from 80's metal to disco and techno.

Magic Club is a little hard to define, but if you enjoy great music and drinks, you’ll probably love it. Like Catwalk Barcelona, this club also has a large dance floor, which tends to get very loud and very packed.

Barcelona Nightlife - Bikini Club Barcelona

Image courtesy of Bikini Club

Bikini Club Barcelona

A third "must see" club when you are touring nightlife in Barcelona is called Bikini Club Barcelona. Bikini Club is the elder statesman of the clubbing circuit, but you wouldn’t know it when visiting the club. While the Bikini Club is over 50 years old, this club is showing no signs of slowing down.

Techno is on the menu. Some of the best DJs both from Barcelona and from around the world like to play this time tested venue, which is big and loud.

Bikini Club Barcelona has an incredible sound system and is usually very packed. Local bands love playing this venue, so if you want to see some live music, then be sure to put this one on your list.

Barcelona Nightlife - Razzmatazz Barcelona

Image courtesy of Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz Club Barcelona

A visit to Razzmatazz seems warranted on the name alone!

Razzmatazz is a huge nightclub with an ample space and many rooms. It is located in an industrial neighborhood in El Poublenou and offers five different clubs in one. So it is likely to suit people with all different tastes in music. When it comes to nightlife in Barcelona, Razzmatazz Barcelona has a lot to offer, and you will be tempted to go back again and again.

Barcelona Nightlife - Sala Apolo Barcelona

Image courtesy of Sala Apolo

Sala Apolo in Barcelona

Sala Apolo in Barcelona is one of the main places to go for live music. Many famous bands come to play at this atmospheric venue, which has an old-fashioned vibe with a classic theater and chandeliers. Apolo Barcelona is also conveniently located about 10 minutes walk from Las Ramblas, which is one of the city's most popular neighborhoods.

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Barcelona nightlife is so good that many people return to the city just to experience it again! Check out the spots that we’ve highlighted here for yourself, and you will likely be impressed as well.

The Weather in Barcelona is a Big Plus!

One of the unsung heroes in Barcelona is the weather. The consistent, warm and pleasant temperatures in Barcelona makes visiting clubs until the early hours of the morning a pleasure. Many people even go for an early morning swim in the ocean after a night of partying.

Those traveling from cold climates are in for a real treat as the city's consistently pleasant weather means not having to face cold late night temperatures when you are visiting clubs. This factor is something that those living in Barcelona simply never give a second thought!

What is the Best Area to Stay in Barcelona for Nightlife?

If you plan to travel to Barcelona, Spain, and you are looking enjoying Barcelona night out and all things to do in Barcelona at night, you may book a hotel in the old town (Ciutat Vella), maybe in the Gothic Quarter or in Las Ramblas. Also, near the Port Olimpic could be a good option, since there are several top clubs in that area. The Eixample district is another alternative if you are looking for gay-friendly locals.

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