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The Barcelona minibus transfers are a great option for getting from Barcelona El Prat airport to city center and back again, or from the airport to cruise port and back. There are a few Barcelona airport shuttle choices that will save you money over a cab ride.

Barcelona Airport and Port Transfer Service

Barcelona Airport and Port Transfer
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Book Private Minivan Transfers or Private Cars

Barcelona Budget offers private transfers from Barcelona airport to hotel and these are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. If 1-2 people are traveling, you will get a private car, while 3-6 people will get a private minivan.

In order to book private minibus transfers from Barcelona airport, you will just need your airline information and arrival information as well as your hotel name and address.

Book Cheap Barcelona Airport Transfers

We offer the best airport transfers in Barcelona that can be pre-paid. These buses are for 10 people or less, so all travelers get specific attention. This vehicle will travel to any hotel in the central part of Barcelona.

You can travel any day of the week and 24 hours of a day. This is one significant advantage over the train or buses you will find at the airport. Moreover, they are considered the best Barcelona airport transfers to hotel, cruise port or Barcelona city center.

To book your transfer, just provide your airline, flight number, arrival time and hotel details. Once you order, you will receive a travel voucher which you can conveniently present to your driver.

Barcelona Cruise Port Transfers

Barcelona Cruise Port Transfer
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Transfer from the Cruise Port of Barcelona

If you are planning to come into a cruise terminal, we provide private drivers and vehicles that will take you into central Barcelona or even into the airport. There is no better transportation in Barcelona than the option we offer here.

To make the purchase, just provide your cruise details and Barcelona tour details. You will receive a voucher to give your driver.

When you get to the cruise port of Barcelona, you will find that there are signs with passenger's names on it. The private car could either be an Opel, Renault, or a Volkswagen that are used for the transfers.

Please note that there may be excess luggage charges and, of course, gratuities. If you have excess luggage, you will need to check in advance with your request, as some cars cannot hold big bags.

Tourists love the convenience of private minivan transfers, and we've received a long list of positive comments. The drivers are professional and helpful. People also appreciate the fact that they are dropped off right at their hotel.

So if you are looking for a low hassle and low cost, this type of Barcelona airport shuttle is definitely an option to consider.

Barcelona Minibus Transfers - The Aerobus airport shuttle

The Aerobus airport shuttle

Is the Aerobus the Right Barcelona Airport Shuttle for You?

One transfer option is the Aerobus, which takes you directly from the airport to the center of the city. Aerobus Barcelona airport transfers take about 35 minutes. This service leaves every 5 minutes and operates every day, but not round-the-clock.

By the way, if you have any kind of mobility issue, you can still use this Barcelona airport shuttle service, as they have adapted the bus for different types of issues like wheelchairs.

Barcelona Minivan Transfers

Barcelona Minivan Transfer
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The Aerobus vs. Barcelona Minibus Transfers

While the Aerobus will give you a different experience than Barcelona minivan transfers, it can be pretty cost effective. Plus, it's great that they leave the airport every 5 minutes. But there are a few things you should take into account before you book your trip.

First of all, you'll have to buy your pass upon arrival. It is possible to buy tickets from the bus driver with cash, or you can find one at the automatic sales machine. If you are tired and disoriented, this could be a hassle. Who wants to start dealing with figuring out a foreign currency after a long flight?

Also after leaving the Barcelona airport, you won't get dropped off right at your hotel like you may with the minibus transfers. There are two main stops, Plaça d'Espanya and Plaça de Catalunya.

You will have to navigate on your own to the hotel. If you decide to take a taxi, this can add up your costs a bit. Another thing to consider is that if you buy a roundtrip ticket for the Aerobus back to the airport, it will only be good for 9 days. So if you are planning a longer trip, don't make the mistake of buying this in advance.

How to Avoid Expensive Taxi Fares

As with most big cities, you will find lots of taxis departing from the airport all day long. But taking a cab from Barcelona airport to city center is the most expensive transfer option. Some taxi groups with a few cars use to manage a minimum taxi price from Barcelona airport to city center of €20.

But there is little chance that you'll board such taxis at the airport. As a final result, you'll end up paying much more than the minimum price. Please note that these fares can add up. Many tourists are surprised to learn that there is a fee per suitcase. The first one can be transported for free, but items larger than 55x35x35cm have a surcharge. Learn more about Barcelona taxi.