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The Barcelona metro is considered very clean, reliable and convenient to get to the tourist areas. You will very likely want to check this form of transportation in Barcelona out during your trip. When you travel by metro, you will save money over other pricier options like taxis. You will also get to know Barcelona city differently.

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Barcelona Travel Card and Tourist Pass - Good Options for Tourists

Tourists visiting Barcelona city often select the Hola BCN! Card, which is good for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. This card will take you throughout the city by public transportation. You can use the metro, bus, train, tram or even the regional train.

We've found that our readers typically find it to make their trip easier and more enjoyable. It's nice not to have to stop and buy a separate ticket every time you want to go somewhere.

A great thing about the Hola BCN! Barcelona transport card is that you will be able to travel throughout the region at your own pace. You can also take public transportation in an unlimited manner.

We recommend that you buy this pass online before you come to the city. You'll be ready and prepared to travel without having to spend the time and energy to navigate the lines and machines for tickets. Buy Barcelona transport tickets here.

Another great way to save on Barcelona public transport is to get the Barcelona Card. In addition to savings on tours, attractions, restaurants and stores, you'll also travel for free on the buses and unlimited metro lines. You can buy this card to be valid for 2, 3 ,4 or 5 days. The 2 days version is called Barcelona Card Express, while the Barcelona Card is offered for 3, 4 and 5 days. Please note that either of these options are only for one person, so you can't share it with your friends or relatives.

We recommend to buy the Barcelona Card or the Barcelona Card Express online. Once you order this card, you'll be amazed at the array of travel discounts and opportunities! You will be able to freely take the Barcelona subway, and much, much more.

One type of train used in the Barcelona Metro network

One type of train used in the Metro network (stop Sagrada Familia)

Details about the Barcelona Metro

Not only do subways run underground in the city, but they also go above ground in the suburbs as well. Currently, the Barcelona tube has 11 lines and more than 180 stations. There are two different operators.

The Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) takes care of the underground, and the Catalan Government Railways (FGC) manages the commuter lines that go to the suburbs. If you want to find out just about everything about this form of transportation in Barcelona, click here.

The Barcelona underground was first founded in 1924. At the time, the first metro was built right between Lesseps and Placa de Catalunya. Right in time for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, a line was also constructed from the center of the city to Montjuic where the event was taking place.

Today, the Barcelona subway map has come a long way. There are more than 180 stations that operate in the Barcelona metropolitan area. If you are looking for a Barcelona sightseeing metro map, just download the printable Barcelona metro map with tourist attractions.

Barcelona Metro - Signs of the Metro (upper) and Catalan trains FGC (lower) at Plaza Catalunya

Signs of the Metro (upper) and Catalan trains FGC (lower) at Plaza Catalunya

The Barcelona City Metro Layout

When you look at the Barcelona subway map, you will find that eight lines are running from L1 to L5 and then L9 to L11. It is interesting to note that the lines don't actually have names. The largest line is L1, which is red.

This line is also one of the original ones from the 1920's. Currently, the L1 line has 30 stations. (If you want to sound like a local, remember that the lines are referred to by the color!) If you are wondering what happened to the three remaining lines, L6, L7, and L8, they are operated by the Catalan trains FGC. To download the metro map, click here.

Barcelona Metro - The transport cards are valid for any public transportation

The transport cards are valid for any public transportation

Choosing a Barcelona Transport Card

When it comes to transportation in Barcelona by metro, there are a variety of options for tickets. A primary one-way ticket is €2,20, but if you plan to use the metro a lot, you might want to consider one of the other choices.

The Autoritat del Transport Metropolita offers a variety of ATM transport cards. For example, you can find the T-10, which gives you ten full trips. Or perhaps you could select the T-Familiar, which offers 70 full journeys and is good for 30 days!

While this Barcelona transport card is designed for commuters, it could also be a good for a whole lot of sightseeing.

Barcelona Metro L9 Sud

The new Metro line L9 Sud

New Metro Line “L9 Sud” Links Barcelona City with El Prat Airport

Since February 12, 2016, a new Barcelona underground line named “L9 Sud” is providing a link service between Barcelona city and Barcelona airport terminals T1 and T2. The Barcelona subway stations at the airport are named "Terminal 1" and "Terminal 2". This fully automated, driverless metro line is the first one offering a connection between the metropolitan area and the Barcelona airport. Now you can travel from Barcelona airport to city centre by metro in a convenient way.

The metro line “L9 Sud” extends for about 20 Km and has 15 stops in the main industrial areas of Barcelona, as well as the fairs venues. Which Barcelona Metro Card Should You Buy for the Airport? The fares to and from Barcelona airport will depend on the kind of transport card you opt to buy. The T10 card (10 journeys) and the one ride card (“Senzill”), are not valid to travel to and from the Barcelona airport. In this case, you have to pay extra and buy the “airport ticket.”

However, if you are a holder of a Barcelona Card or Barcelona Card Express, then you don’t have to worry because these cards allow you to travel to and from the airport without any extra charges.

Read more about Barcelona Subway Line “L9 Sud” and ticket modalities