Top Barcelona Day Trips to Famous Places and Stunning Areas

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There are several Barcelona day trips which visit beautiful surrounding areas and famous places of interest. However, here we just recommend the best day trips from Barcelona and day tours, such as Barcelona to Montserrat, day trips from Barcelona to Costa Brava, Girona and Dali Museum, Sitges and Tarragona and the Pyrenees mountains.

Barcelona is perched in a great location in almost every way imaginable, and this makes it the perfect destination for day trips. The weather is great, the access to the sea is top notch, and the city's geographical location gives visitors and residents alike easy access to a range of easy, fun and exciting activities. Travel to Barcelona also affords visitors with an opportunity to see the best of the surrounding region.

Barcelona Day Trip to Tarragona and Sitges

Tarragona and Sitges Small Group Day Trip from Barcelona

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Great Day Trips - The Tarragona and Sitges Tour

If you like tourism to be packed full of action, then you’ll love the Tarragona and Sitges Tour. This tour takes around 10 hours to complete and is definitely worth the investment. Small groups are taken via minivan with tours being limited to just 15 people.

Tarragona allows visitors to get a slice of Roman life, as you will visit the site of chariots races and gladiator games; there is even an impressive Roman aqueduct that is still standing after all of these centuries. In Tarragona’s Old Quarter, you can expect to see an incredible cathedral.

Outside of Tarragona is the small village of Roc de Sant Gaieta. This village has stunning views as it is built along a rock laden shoreline. If you want a relaxing view during your city break in Barcelona, then this will do nicely.

Barcelona Day Trips - The historical town of Sitges near Barcelona

The historical town of Sitges near Barcelona

The Sitges Area

The Stiges area serves as a nice contrast to Tarragona and helps make this one of the better day trips due to the overall variety. In Sitges, you’ll be treated to what many would think of like the picture perfect fisherman’s village. No doubt Sitges is soaked in old world charm and appeal.

There are numerous beaches and whitewashed houses that make for great photo opportunities. Besides, there are many restaurants and small shops that cater to tourist and locals alike.

Barcelona Day Trips - Stunning views in Montserrat

Stunning views in Montserrat

Visiting Montserrat Makes One of the Best Day Trips

The trip to Montserrat comes complete with calming and exquisite mountain views. These tours are comfortable and conducted by expert guides. Part of the tour includes a visit to the Royal Basilica. The Royal Basilica is quite an interesting spot as it is the location of the famous 12th century Black Virgin statue.

Another reason that so many people love day trips to Montserrat is they can hear some of the unique and exciting musical performances in all of Europe. Montserrat is home to the oldest children’s choir in Europe, La Escolania de Montserrat. This choir performs weekdays at 1 pm and never fails to impress.

The Museum of Montserrat is another of Barcelona highlights and a good reason to visit Montserrat. Other Montserrat area options include riding a cable car into the mountains. You can also visit the world famous wine producers of the nearby Penedes region. Both Codorniu and Freixenet have impressive wine cellars that will certainly thrill wine lovers. If you travel to Barcelona, you simply must sample the areas incredible wines!

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Barcelona Day Trips - Girona city

Girona city

Visiting Girona and Costa Brava

If you are trying to choose between the numerous exciting Barcelona day trips, then the Girona and Costa Brava Tour isn’t going to make your decision any easier! Girona is a city northeast of Catalonia that has an ancient past, magnificent architecture and still sports standing Roman walls. The Onyar river separates the town and only serves to add to its great charm and appeal.

There are exceptional views of the region, some of the best of Barcelona if you head to Santuari dels Angels. Santuari dels Angels affords outstanding picture-taking opportunities and is a good spot just to unwind.

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Barcelona Day Trips -Dalí Museum

Dalí Museum

Two Other Exciting Day Trips to Consider

If you are looking for great Barcelona day trips, why not hike the Pyrenees Mountains? There are tours from Barcelona that take the full day and are designed to give you a rich and complete experience including sightseeing in old towns and, of course, beautiful mountain views.

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Also on the best of Barcelona list is a trip to Figueres. Figueres is home to the Dali Museum and is in a word, incredible. Travel time to Figueres is approximately 90 minutes, but well worth it.

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Barcelona Bus Turistic Hop-on Hop-off City Tour

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour
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Seeing Barcelona Highlights Within the City

Don’t forget one way to make the most out of your trip to Barcelona is to opt for the Bus Turistic or tourist bus. You can purchase a one or two day ticket which gives you access to more than you could ever do including all the best of Barcelona options. It gets even better as the Bus Turistic allows you to come and go as you please, and there are a staggering 45 different stops available. Get your ticket here!

Also, remember that part of the reason that Barcelona is truly a world-class city is that the surrounding areas are absolutely fantastic. Day trips from Barcelona can add much to your experience and the memories that you build!