Visit Barcelona City - Things To See and Do in Barcelona

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Barcelona City is an important, modern, beautiful and friendly European city facing the Mediterranean Sea. If you are a returning visitor, you will notice that the town is still growing and improving in many aspects. If this is your first visit, you will soon witness the many advantages this city has to offer. Barcelona is a modern, cosmopolitan city with a vibrant history. The city is located in the north east of Spain, and as such enjoys an excellent, moderate Mediterranean climate. For more details about the location, please have a look at the Barcelona map.

Barcelona City - A Barcelona beach near city center

A Barcelona beach near city center

Advantages of the Geographic Location

The average temperature here is about 18° C (64° F). The days are mostly sunny during the entire year, and in the summer the city is mainly warm and humid.

The winters are very mild compared to most European countries. Rainy days are few and far in-between, being confined mostly to the spring and autumn. Because of its excellent weather, Barcelona is truly a haven for tourists, and the city receives many visitors at all seasons.

Learn more about the weather in Barcelona.

What to Do and See in Barcelona?

We have many suggestions of things you can do on your visit. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are so many attractions and points of interest in the city, though we will list some of the most popular past-times for tourists here in Barcelona city. We recommend having a look at the pages below to learn all about things to do in Barcelona, Barcelona attractions, city sightseeing, day trips, and more:

Recently Added Tours in Barcelona

Here you have ten tours which were recently added to the long list of activities in Barcelona.

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Gothic Cathedral of Barcelona

The Gothic Cathedral of Barcelona

How to Make the Most out of Your Barcelona Holidays

Confused about how to fit so many options inside your limited time staying here? This is where we can help you. For you to spend the perfect holiday, you will have to plan your trip first. If you make a plan and use the information on this site, you will certainly have an enjoyable and exciting holiday, so this is a perfect time to bookmark Barcelona Budget!

After you have done that, it is time actually to start making up your plan. Take a piece of paper, sit down in a comfortable spot and think about all you want to do on your trip. Don't worry about time and money, for now, just let your mind flow and write everything down.

Once you have finished, come back to this site and look up your options. We know this city inside-out and have compiled insider information on the best of Barcelona sightseeing while avoiding “tourist traps” so commonly found elsewhere.

With the information presented here, you will have all you need to plan your trip and ensure minimum expenses and maximum pleasure. Please do check back often, as we are always updating the site to include new sights and suggestions.

See you in Barcelona!