Barcelona Bus Transfers - Barcelona Airport Shuttle Bus or Private Airport Transfers in Barcelona?

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You have some choices regarding Barcelona bus transfers upon your arrival to Barcelona city or El Prat airport. You can take a private shared bus from Barcelona airport to city center called Aerobus (Barcelona airport bus shuttle), you can use the Barcelona public transportation system, or you may opt to book private transfers from Barcelona airport. So what kind of Barcelona airport shuttle should you select?

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Cheap Airport Transfers in Barcelona

If you are looking for the personalization of a taxi, but for a lower fee, you may want to take advantage of our low rates on a private Barcelona airport transfers. This option will give you a private driver who will take you right to your hotel. You also won't have to worry about hunting around for schedules and directions when you arrive in Barcelona.

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This can be quite the relief after a long journey. If there are over 3 people in your party, you will receive private Barcelona minibus transfers. If there is just you or a few individuals, you will get a car.

Sometimes Barcelona bus transfers can be intimidating after a long flight! It is good to know that there are excellent private transfer options that are usually cheaper than a taxi.

Barcelona bus transfers - The Barcelona airport shuttle bus (Aerobus)

The Barcelona airport shuttle bus (Aerobus)

The Airport Bus in Barcelona (Aerobus)

When it comes to bus transfer, many tourists opt for the Aerobus. This is a big bus that transports a large number of people from the airport to the city. You can find this bus transfer service running from Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1) by the A1 bus, and Terminal 2 (T2) by the A2 bus. By the way, at Terminal 2, you can find the bus by the Joan Miro mural. This fantastic piece of art serves as an excellent introduction to the city!

The Aerobus takes travelers to a variety of stops including Plaza Catalunya, at the city center. It also stops at Plaza Universitat, Plaza Espanya, with stops also at the intersection of Gran Via with Urgell street. When running from the city to the airport, there is a stop at the junction of Sepulveda with Urgell street.

There are metro stations near almost all of the Aerobus stops, and this means that you can take public transportation to your hotel after taking this Barcelona airport shuttle. Or, if the drop off stop is close enough, you can even walk. Of course, you will have to figure out all of these details before your trip so that you won't have any confusion at the last minute. More information about the AeroBus and its daily schedule.

Barcelona bus transfers - Train and public buses are budget options

Train and public buses are budget options

Options for other Barcelona Airport Transfers

Aside from bus transfers, there are a variety of other ways to get into the city. For example, you can take the Renfe train R2 from Terminal 2 (T2) to Barcelona Sants (central train station). Travelers find the city's train to be clean, and also appreciate the fact that there is air condition. Another alternative is the airport Metro line L9 Sud. You'll find stops at airport Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). However, it takes a long time to get to Barcelona city center, since you have to switch lines.

It is also possible to find a public transportation bus that will take you into the city such as the daytime bus 46 which goes to and from Plaza Espanya. You can also choose the nighttime buses N16 (T2) and N17 (T1), which travel back and forth from Plaza Catalunya and Plaza Espanya. These options are less expensive than the Aerobus or the train.

Of course, taxis are another alternative to the Barcelona airport shuttle. You can expect to spend more money on a cab. And be sure you are prepared for added fees, such as fees for additional bags. But if you can find an honest cab driver, it is a very fast and easy way to go. Of course, a taxi driver will also take you directly to your hotel.

Barcelona bus transfers - Shuttle bus service to/from Girona airport to Barcelona

There is a shuttle bus service to/from Girona airport to Barcelona

What if You are Traveling to or from Girona Airport?

Often tourists taking a trip to Barcelona, decide to fly into the Girona Airport instead of the Barcelona airport. You will be happy to know that you can get a Barcelona airport shuttle from Girona as well.

The Girona Airport is more than 100Km from Barcelona, so just keep in mind that Barcelona to Girona transfers and vice versa are going to take some time.

There are bus transfers that coincide with every arriving flight. So you won't have to worry about being stranded if your flight comes in at an odd time.

Barcelona bus transfers from Girona drop you off at Estacio del Nord, which is the central bus station in Barcelona. You can also catch the train from Girona city although many people consider this to be somewhat of a hassle.

More About Barcelona Bus Transfers and Airport Transportation

Click to find more detailed information about Barcelona airport transport and Barcelona bus transfers, not only to Barcelona city center but also to other destinations which are serviced by intercity buses.

You'll find how to get from Barcelona El Prat airport to destinations such as Sitges, Tarragona, La Pineda, Salou, PortAventura, Reus, Valencia, Costa Brava, Blanes, Santa Susana, Lloret de Mar, Girona, Figueres, Andorra, and many other cities.

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Barcelona Airport Car Rental as an Option

Another option for Barcelona airport transfers is renting a private car. If you are going to do a lot of driving outside of the city, this may make a lot of sense. Additionally, you will be able to travel from place to place at your own pace and during whatever time of day or night you wish.

There are a variety of car rental companies at Barcelona Airport including Hertz and Avis. If you book far enough in advance, you can usually get a good rate.

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