Best Barcelona Bus Tour Options - Barcelona City Trips

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Taking a Barcelona bus tour is probably one of the single best options for Barcelona sightseeing highlights in and around the city. Through this option, you get to choose many different destinations and areas. Best of all, a bus tour makes traveling a real breeze regardless of what you plan to see.

Choosing to tour by bus makes a world of sense. After all, doesn’t the idea of not having to worry about driving in a foreign country, parking and finding the right directions sound pretty good? You will save lots of time as well as hassle and money. Plus, it's easy to find great discounts on popular tours and Barcelona hop on hop off bus tours such as Barcelona Bus Turistic.

If you want to see the best of Barcelona and you want to have an easy time while doing it, then it’s time to take the Barcelona hop on hop off tour!

Barcelona Bus tour - Bus Turistic

Get to know Barcelona like nobody else with the Bus Turistic

Advantages to Selecting Barcelona Bus Turistic

Bus Turistic is an excellent way to take in the sights. When you opt for the Barcelona double decker bus tour, you can get on and off the bus as you please. The result is a very fluid and relaxing travel experience to do Barcelona tourism.

You can mostly go where you want to go and stay for as long as you like. Over the years, the popularity of this Barcelona bus tour has grown considerably, and now an impressive 2 million passengers use it for their Barcelona day trips.

This bus service will basically take you to any Barcelona highlights that you plan to see within the city. You'll go directly to everything from La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera to FC Barcelona Museum and Fundacio Joan Miro.

The selection of sites on the Best of Barcelona list that this tour bus goes to is pretty extensive. The Bus Turistic has three different routes, and those routes are serviced by 74 buses in total! That means you can expect a bus to come by at very regular intervals. It is considered the best bus tour in Barcelona.

When you book the Barcelona Bus Turistic, you will even receive discount coupons available for a variety of Barcelona highlights.

The Tourist Bus in Barcelona is the Best Way to See the Attractions


Barcelona Bus tour - The charming city of Sitges

The charming city of Sitges

A Barcelona Bus Tour Outside the City - Tarragona, and Sitges

Of course, when it comes to getting out of the city and seeing the surrounding areas, a tour by bus makes even more sense! Though tours in Barcelona by bus are many, among them, several excellent Barcelona day trips are nearby the city and full of fun and excitement. One option is the Tarragona and Sitges Tour.

Expect this tour to take roughly 10 hours in total. Time will definitely fly on this trip which is a little bit like stepping back into the past. If you want a taste of ancient Roman life, then this bus tour is for you.

Tarragona includes a visit to a chariot race and gladiator game location and a Roman aqueduct. Architecture lovers will be sure to appreciate the grand cathedral located in the city’s Old Quarter.

If one word could describe Sitges, it would be “charming.” This lovely fisherman’s village resonates with old world charm and appeal. Sitges does an excellent job making the most out of its good looks, which comes with exceptional views and great dining experiences.

Tarragona and Sitges Small Group Day Trip from Barcelona


Afternoon Tour to Montserrat

Afternoon Tour to Montserrat

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Montserrat is Another Recommended Bus Tour From Barcelona

The Montserrat bus tour is loaded with things to do. The Escolania de Montserrat is home to the oldest children’s choir in Europe, and they perform every day at 1 pm o’clock, except on Saturday.

The Museum of Montserrat and the Royal Basilica are both located in Montserrat as well. Many people are unable to tear themselves away from all that Barcelona has to offer, but those who opt for the Montserrat bus tour are in for a real treat.

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Barcelona Bus Tours in the City and outside Barcelona

Top Bus Tours in Barcelona and Surroundings

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Save Money and Time While Seeing the Best of Barcelona

The bus tour options get even better when you realize one key and essential fact: you can get deep discounts! Not only can you skip driving and worrying about renting a car and directions, but you can also save on the bus tour itself with many of the options we offer at Barcelona Budget.

In many ways, this is one of the best-kept secrets about travel in this great city.

If you are thinking about one of these Barcelona day trips, realize that not only can you relax while you see all the sites but you can save money in the process.

There are many Barcelona highlights just waiting to be discovered. As it turns out, a Barcelona bus tour is a highly practical, fun and affordable way of seeing the very best.