Deals to Appreciate the Best Barcelona Art - Articket or Barcelona Card?

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How can you see the best Barcelona art at a low-cost? There are major art museums and art galleries in Barcelona dedicated to world-famous artists where you can appreciate their artworks. You'll know how to save money when visiting the best museums in Barcelona.

Barcelona Museum Pass - Articket

Barcelona Museum Pass
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Advantages of Art Discount Passes - Articket vs. Barcelona Card

It should come as no surprise that going to visiting all the Barcelona museums can cost lots of money. This is especially true if you are paying for a family trip and need to plan on paying for multiple tickets. But we offer a variety of savings options that can help you out!

The Articket (Museums Pass)

There is an art pass in Barcelona called Articket that is indeed a good deal if you plan to visit at least three of the top Barcelona museums. With this Barcelona Museums Pass, you'll save money and skip the lines at the best museums in Barcelona.

This Barcelona art ticket gives you access to the 6 art museums that are considered the most important museums in Barcelona. They are the Picasso Museum, Fundació Joan Miro, MACBA (Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona or Modern Art Museum), MNAC (National Museum of Catalan Art), Fundació Antoni Tapies, and the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona).

You will receive free admission with the Articket, plus you will be able to skip waiting in the lines. This is a significant advantage if you are planning to fit a lot of art related sightseeing into your trip!

Bear in mind that the Articket is just a Barcelona Museum Pass. Neither transportation nor tours are included in the art passport.

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The Barcelona Card (Free Museums + Free Transport + Lots of Discounts)

Also strongly consider opting for the Barcelona card. It not only will give you free public transportation throughout the city and lots of discounts for tours and activities, but also will admit you for free to some of the city's most famous museum, including all those comprised in the Articket.

If you are only interested in visiting the best museums in Barcelona, then buy the Articket.

If, besides visiting the top museums, you also want to do Barcelona sightseeing, take some tours, get around with free public transportation, get discounts for many places to visit in Barcelona, restaurants, shops, then you should buy the Barcelona Card. This pass is more than just an art museum card.

Buy the Barcelona Card and get free transportation, free visits and lots of discounts.

Other Discount Options to See Art in Barcelona

We also offer low rates on walking tours of individual art attractions. For example, if you book the Barcelona Walking Tour Picasso, you will get free admission to the Picasso Museum including a free tour, and you'll also tour the places in the city that were influential to him.

There is another excellent way to save money and get around to these various art attractions in the city when you book the Bus Turistic. This hop on hop off bus will save you the time and energy of learning directions, parking or taking cabs or public transportation to the various museums.

When you buy the ticket for the Bus Turistic, you'll get a booklet full of discounts for activities and places to visit, including some top museums in Barcelona.

Buy tickets for the Bus Turistic and get lots of discounts.

Barcelona Art - Barcelona Museums eBook Guide - Free Museums? Yes!

Free Museums? Yes! - eBook Guide

Free Museums? Yes! - How to See the Best Art in Barcelona for Free

An essential eBook guide for art lovers that covers in detail the top 29 Barcelona museums and how you can get free access to all of them. In general, you'll end up spending a good amount of money when you visit art galleries, whether in entrance fees as well as in transportation.

In this eBook guide about museums in Barcelona, you'll find lots of information about the best of art in Barcelona city. A comprehensive description, the history, opening times, public transport options and other details are given for each of the museums.

We let you know some valuable tips and secrets, and we also offer you two free bonuses that will help you see the best art in Barcelona for free or by a minimum spending.

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Barcelona Card - Free Transport, Free Visits and Lots of Discounts

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Visiting the Barcelona Art Museums

There is one thing you can be sure of; art is taken quite seriously both within the city itself as well as around the world. You can see artistic influences all over, whether they are on the streets, in the parks, in the art galleries or the Barcelona museums. Barcelona city is a paradise for those who love art.

Of course, when you first think of art in Barcelona, the first thing that may come to your mind is Pablo Picasso. But there are other world-famous artists from Catalonia including Salvador Dali and Joan Miro, and there are museums dedicated to them as well.

The Pablo Picasso museum is one of the hottest Barcelona attractions. But if you love art, you should also plan to visit the Fundacio Joan Miro in Montjuic which has more than 11,000 works, as well as the Salvador Dali Museum in nearby Figueres. All of these museums have impressive collections and will leave you with a greater appreciation of the artists and a deeper understanding of their work.

Other Barcelona museums should also be at the top of your list like the CCCB or Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, which highlights Spanish artists but showcases art from all around the world. This museum is conveniently located near Las Ramblas Barcelona. Also be sure to add MACBA, or Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art or Modern Art Museum of Barcelona), to your art sightseeing list. While MACBA only opened in 1995, it has quickly risen to the list of top Barcelona highlights. It is also located near La Rambla.

Another fantastic museum to visit for a little art history exposure is the MNAC, or Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (National Art Museum in Barcelona), located in the Palau Nacional on Montjuic hill. This museum will allow you to explore the best Catalan art exhibitions in Barcelona for a thousand years, and it also has a gallery dedicated to Pablo Picasso. This museum is considered to be one of the greatest Spanish institutions, and it has a world-renowned medieval art collection. If you are interested in seeing Catalan art, this is likely the best place in all of Europe to see it!

Buy Barcelona Museum Tickets, Art Passport, and Barcelona Art Card.

CaixaForum is a budget Barcelona art gallery

CaixaForum is a budget art gallery

Art Galleries in Barcelona

When seeking out great art, don't just stop at the museums. There are a wide variety of art galleries in Barcelona that will deepen your enjoyment of the art in the city. Some recommended ones include the Galeria Brok where you will be pleased to find you can purchase art. We also recommend the Fundació Antoni Tapies, and the Centre Cultural Fundacio La Caixa or “Caixaforum.”

These galleries highlight work both old and new and from both Spanish artists as well as international ones. There is also good news for those on a budget; you can enter these art galleries free of charge.

In the Paseo de Gracia, you can also find the Fundacio Suñol. While this newer gallery does charge an admission fee, you can find more than 1200 pieces. Another highly recommended gallery is the unique Catalan Modernism Museum, which is located just 10-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya.

Where Can You Buy Art in Barcelona?

If you are seeking to purchase art in the city, then you should go to the Eixample district. There you'll find several art galleries which are next to each other. You will also find a few art galleries in Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter area, as well as in other towns near Barcelona.

Map of Art Galleries in Barcelona where you can buy art.