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The Barcelona Aquarium (L'Aquarium Barcelona) is an excellent attraction to visit, especially for the family. It is not only one of the largest in Europe but also stands among the top places to visit in Barcelona. L'Aquarium Barcelona is located in an extension area of Las Ramblas called MareMagnum, in the old port of Barcelona (Port Vell).

Experts agree that the L'Aquarium Barcelona, which opened in 1995, is one of the world’s most important aquatic institutions. This world class aquarium holds an incredible number of fishes. There are over 11,000 different fishes from an amazing 450 different species. If you are traveling with children, the aquarium will be a major highlight of your trip. However, even without children, you will get a great deal out of your visit.

Barcelona aquarium - The 80 metre long tunnel

80-metre long tunnel at the Aquarium of Barcelona

A True Adventure in the Oceanarium

Part of what makes the Oceanarium such a treat is that it was designed in such a way that visitors can see how various forms of aquatic life, including large predators like sharks, live in the Mediterranean. All of this combines to help make the aquarium a real feast for the eyes.

Nature lovers will be more than impressed with what this institution has to offer. Adding to the splendor of the aquarium in Barcelona is its truly impressive 80-metre long tunnel.

The Oceanarium is the only one in Europe and has been visited by 14 million people. Unbelievably, it holds 4.5 million liters of water. In short, Barcelona attractions don’t come much more impressive than this one.

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Barcelona aquarium - Dive with the sharks

Dive with the sharks

You Can Swim with the Sharks at the Barcelona Aquarium

Are you still not sold on a trip to the aquarium? How does swimming with sharks sound to you? That’s right. It is possible for you to swim with sharks! A big part of the aquarium's mission is to educate the public. That means there is a course on sharks that includes a guided tour of the aquarium in Barcelona, as well as a class on sharks. Also, the necessary equipment for diving and, of course, a trip into the dive tank to swim with these scary creatures.

The total price for this unique adventure, which stands out even amongst the best of Barcelona attractions, is €300. It is important to note that you do need some diving experience before your swim.

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14 Different Tanks to Explore

L'Aquarium Barcelona has thoughtfully organized 14 different tanks that represent various Mediterranean communities. You'll learn about the diverse communities and the types of species that live within. These containers include everything from the shallow rocky and sandy coastal community to the red coral community and shallow algae community.

Additionally, seven tanks reveal the splendor of tropical fish and sharks. You can learn about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which is amazingly the only living structure that can be viewed from the moon! In this section, you can also find the tropical coral reef, which includes exotic animals that often look like vegetables.

Barcelona Aquarium - MareMagnum Mall

MareMagnum Mall

Barcelona MareMagnum - Lots to Do and See

The Barcelona MareMagnum is conveniently located in an extension of Las Ramblas called Rambla de Mar, and it is home to a movie theater, a variety of shops and food areas. Its location is quite picturesque and offers excellent views of the water and surrounding areas. This area is definitely a good spot for when you need to take a break from all the action of a busy day at the aquarium.

A trip to the L'Aquarium Barcelona is not like any other trip to an aquarium that you’ve probably experienced. This fact is doubled if you opt to swim with the sharks. While a visit to this famous place in Barcelona can be pricey, it is possible to find discount coupons and specials that will reduce the price and allow you to see the Barcelona Aquarium on a budget.

Be sure to check out the discounts that you can receive with the Barcelona card. If you book a tour on the Bus Turistic, you will also likely receive a discount on the aquarium. But even without a discount coupon, the adventures that you will have will be well worth the cost.