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Barcelona airport transfers can be performed whether by public transit or by private services. We do recommend private transfers whenever possible since they are usually cheaper than a taxi. No one wants to arrive at Barcelona El Prat airport without any idea where to go and how to find transportation. Here we will let you know the best options for both, public and private transfers to your destination.

Barcelona airport transfers - The AeroBus

The Barcelona airport transfer bus "Aerobus," is more expensive than public transport

How Can You Travel from Barcelona Airport to City Center?

When you arrive at Barcelona airport, the first thing you want to do is check into your hotel. After all, since you travel from great distances, often you want to sleep off a little jet lag. So, if you are finding yourself in this situation, the last thing you likely want is a long, treacherous and confusing trip to the city!

Luckily, there are some straightforward options for airport transfers, and they don't necessarily have to cost a lot of money. The airport has two terminals, T1 and T2. You can select from Barcelona AeroBus, metro, trains, and buses on the regular public transportation lines, or even a taxi. No doubt, you'll get the cheapest Barcelona airport transfers when using public transport. However, the taxi cost from Barcelona airport to city center could be quite disappointing.

The AeroBus connects Plaza Catalunya with both airport terminals (AeroBus A1 for T1 and Aerobus A2 for T2). By public transport, you have the Renfe train (it stops in front of T2), the Barcelona Metro line L9 Sud (it stops at both terminals, T1 and T2), the daytime bus 46 to/from Plaça Espanya, and night buses (N16 for T2 and N17 for T1).

Book a Barcelona Airport Transfer Service

To avoid headaches upon your arrival, we do recommend to book transfers from Barcelona airport to your destination. In most cases, they come cheaper than a taxi. Bear in mind that a cab from Barcelona airport to city center cost at least €35, plus some surcharge per luggage. And we assumed you find an honest driver. Otherwise, expect to pay a higher price.

You can book airport transfers to hotel, to the city center, and other destinations. Of course, you can also book a transfer from Barcelona downtown to the airport. Also, if you arrive on a cruise ship, you may want to book a transfer from the Barcelona port to airport, hotel or city center. You can book either a minibus or a private car.

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Barcelona airport transfers - We offer budget options for airport transfers from/to Barcelona

We offer budget options for airport transfers from/to Barcelona

Transfers From Barcelona Airport to City Centre and Neighbor Destinations

Since BCN El Prat airport is such a busy hub, it is necessary to have ways to move people to and through the city and other destinations at all times of night and day. There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to airport shuttle service in Barcelona. If you want to stay near BCN airport, you may book a hotel which offers transfer services. Barcelona airport hotel shuttle is provided by several hotels that you can book here.

You have several choices for public transport, such as Renfe train, day time buses, night buses and also a private shuttle bus from Barcelona airport to city centre. While these could be cheap transfer options, they may not run at convenient times, and most probably they will not drive directly to your hotel. Plus, you have to bear your luggage all the time. Learn more about Barcelona airport transportation.

There are also several bus companies connecting Barcelona El Prat airport with diverse cities, such as Tarragona, Salou, PortAventura park, Cambrils, Reus, Valencia, Alicante, Sitges, Costa Brava, Girona, Santa Susana, Malgrat de Mar, Lloret de Mar, Figueres, Andorra, and many more. Check the Barcelona airport transfers by intercity buses here.

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Barcelona Airport and Port Transfer Service

Barcelona Airport and Port Transfer
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How To Get To Barcelona Airport From a Cruise Ship Terminal?

These days many cruises go in and out of Barcelona port. As a result, there are now a variety of ways to get back and forth to the Port of Barcelona from the Barcelona airport. The port isn't very far from the airport, so transfers are about a 20-30 minute drive.

If you are looking for transport from Barcelona airport to port, or from the port to the airport, then the easiest and most reasonable option would be to hire a private transfer. There are also taxis, of course, but they tend to be much more expensive.

We offer excellent rates on private transfers that you can use from the Port, the Airport, your hotel, or any location in the city. You'll love these personal and hassle free services.

Barcelona Airport Transfers to the Girona Airport and Back

Consider our options for budget transfers to/from Girona and Barcelona

Barcelona Airport Transfers to the Girona Airport and Back

Sometimes you may not opt for El Prat Barcelona Airport and decide to fly to Girona airport instead. As you may have suspected, the Girona airport is found near the town of Girona, which is located more than 100Km from Barcelona city. This distance, of course, will make travel into Barcelona take longer.

In this case, you can opt for a bus transfer. Most flights come in on low-cost airlines, and buses schedules more or less try to coincide with arrivals and departures. You'll have transportation to Barcelona bus station Estacio del Nord, though not always at convenient times. The Barcelona Bus connects Girona airport with the Barcelona airport, as well the city at Estacio del Nord. Check the Barcelona Bus schedule here. However, you could also rent a car if you plan to do a lot of driving on your trip.

It is also possible to take a train from Girona city. However, there are a few minor inconveniences to this selection. First of all, you will have to get into Girona city before you can take the train. Also, only two regular trains depart every hour, so you may have to wait for a little even once you get to the station. You may opt to take a high-speed train (AVE), but you have to spend more money compared with regional trains. But if you are looking for airport transfers that go to the Girona airport, that is possible too.

Barcelona airport transfers by train

Transfer by train to/from Barcelona airport is a budget option

Are You Traveling to Reus Airport?

Other travelers who skip the Barcelona airport come into the city by way of the Reus Airport, which is located near the beaches or Costa Daurada. This airport is found at more than 100km to the southwest of Barcelona. If you arrive at Reus airport, you can plan to take a bus or train. The train is the fastest way to get to Barcelona. But first, you have to get to Tarragona city train station. The service doesn't run too regularly, so you may have to wait for one to arrive. It will take between 1 1/2 hours and 2 1/2 hours to get to Barcelona.

There is also a bus company connecting Barcelona city with Reus airport called La Hispano Igualadina. The bus schedule more or less coincides with flights into the airport. This means that you will have the chance to take a bus into Barcelona. From Barcelona, theses buses depart from the mini-bus terminal in front of the central railway station "Sants Station."

You can find the schedule of La Hispano Igualadina here. Please note that the schedule is periodically altered to adapt to the changing flight times.