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Barcelona airport car rental is ideal for you as it gives you full access to traveling around the city whenever you like. You can go at your own pace and also easily travel outside of the city to destinations like the Dali Museum in Figueres and even skiing in the mountains.

Or perhaps you would like to take a beautiful drive up the coast? It's all possible when you opt for car hire in Barcelona, Spain. Plus, when you first get to the airport, you won't have to worry about syncing up your schedule with a bus or a train. You can just get in your car and go!

How Can You Get a Good Deal for Car Hire at Barcelona Airport?

Here at Barcelona Budget, we like to advise you to try the powerful comparison engine of Carrentals that we have on this page to find the best deals. It is considered to be the best car booking engine on the web, and you will benefit of getting the cheapest car hire prices. The different agencies will offer different rates throughout the year, so it is important to always check before your trip. Book online and benefit of the best prices. Then just pick up your car on arrival.

Just type in the date and time you will be arriving at the Barcelona airport, and you will immediately find out what the best rates will be. If you follow the guidelines listed in this article, your experience about best car rentals in Barcelona should be trouble free and budget friendly.

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Cheap Car Hire at Barcelona Airport? - Book Online!

When you get to the Barcelona El Prat airport, you can find your rental car companies at Terminal 1 or 2. It is possible to either book your car online ahead of time or arrange it when you arrive. The companies that provide car hire at Barcelona airport include Hertz, Avis, National Atesa, Sol-Mar, Gold Car, Thrifty, Budget, Europcar, and others.

You will find these companies next to one another at the terminal 1 or 2 at the Barcelona airport. The rates, of course, will vary from one company to another. Remember to check when the rental companies are open and compare it to the time your flight will be arriving. Generally, the rental agencies will be open from 7 am- midnight. No one likes coming in the Barcelona airport car hire area late at night, only to find every booth is closed!

Guidelines for Barcelona Airport Car Rental

There are a few things you will need to know before renting a car from the Barcelona airport. First of all, you will need to be 21 years of age or older. Also, you may want to consider getting an international driver's license.

In fact, many experts recommend getting this kind of license regardless or whether or not you are driving. It is very helpful if you ever need to communicate with authorities in another country. When you've opted for car hire in Barcelona, Spain, remember that traffic is on the right side of the road. Sometimes people from other countries have trouble adjusting to that fact.

Rent a Car at Barcelona Airport and Driving in Barcelona

Also, you will want to be aware of the speed limits if you are driving. In the city, the limit is 31 miles per hour or 50 kph. If you are on the highway, you are permitted to drive 74 miles per hour or 120 kph.

You will be able to travel on the "Autopistas," which are the expressways. If it is a toll road, you will see the marking with a letter A. The autopistas will take you directly to a variety of cities from Barcelona including Figueres, Girona, Tarragona, Madrid, and Valencia.

Many travelers find that driving in Barcelona is a different experience from what they were expecting. There are a lot of scooters and motorbikes to navigate around. In fact, you may want to add an insurance waiver when you rent a car at Barcelona airport to cover you in case the car accidentally gets damaged.

When it comes to car rentals in Barcelona airport, it is probably better to be safe than sorry. Usually, this added insurance isn't too much extra money, and so it is worth the peace of mind. Also be sure to check and see if there is any limit on the number of miles that you can cover. If you are driving a great deal throughout Spain, you might exceed this limit.

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