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The Badalona beach area is easily accessible from downtown Barcelona since it is located at a few minutes by train or bus. You may also opt to stay in Badalona. There is a vast offer of accommodation in the area. The consistency of Barcelona weather is nothing short of amazing. Whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall, you can expect great weather, and lots of sunny days, year-round.

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Numerous Hotels and Hostels in Badalona

When it comes to the best beaches near Barcelona, Badalona has a few tricks up its sleeve. Badalona holiday rentals are popular in large part to their proximity to the sea. This means that there are excellent hotels, apartments, and hostels in the area.

If you want to spend more time by the sea and enjoy easy access to Barcelona, then Badalona is a clear choice for your vacation. Check the deals and find the best prices in the area: Book Badalona beach accommodation now!.

Badalona beach - Partial view of Platja del Cristall

Partial view of Platja del Cristall

An Incredible and Easily Accessed Beach

You may also discover that this beach is a little calmer than some of its larger Barcelona cousin beaches. Additionally, it is regularly cleaned and is packed with a variety of amenities.

Best of all, the beach in Badalona merely has spectacular sand, and there is lots of it, as there are five kilometers in total. The sand alone makes a trip to this beach worth the time!

Night time can be a great time to visit this beach. Various bars bring a lot of festivity to the area once the sun goes down. If you like a beach party, you can do it here.

Badalona beach - Remains of Roman thermal baths

Remains of Roman thermal baths

Badalona is Just Waiting to Be Discovered

While Badalona belongs to the Barcelona province, it is a separate city and has a different feel and life all of its own. In fact, Badalona is one of the more populated cities in all of Catalonia with a population of roughly a quarter of a million.

If you want to stay close to Barcelona but still get a different take on Catalonian life, then check out both, Badalona city and the beach.

Badalona beach - Partial view of the Pont del Petroli beach

Partial view of the Pont del Petroli beach

Badalona Beach is Wonderfully Positioned

Exceptional beaches are abounding right in the Barcelona area and the surrounding regions as well. Adding to the long list of beach options is the beautiful beach area in Badalona. When it comes to finding the best beaches near Barcelona, you can’t go wrong with an afternoon at this location.

Badalona is part of the city's general metro area, and it is nicely situated with the Besos River on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. As a result, you get merely great views. It takes about 10 minutes to drive from Barcelona proper to the city of Badalona. This proximity to Barcelona city means that Badalona holiday rentals are quite popular.

Not only can you enjoy everything that the beach has to offer, but you can also quickly travel into the city for culture, history, and entertainment.

Travel from Barcelona to Badalona

Traveling to Badalona Beach is quite fast and straightforward. Simply take the RENFE train R1 from Barcelona to Mataro-Blanes or even use the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport or buses to travel from Barcelona to Badalona. You can spend a day at this beach and be conveniently back in your Barcelona hotel room to get ready for dinner in the city.

Badalona - A Catalan Cultural Hotspot

Badalona also has much to offer regarding culture. In 2010, Badalona was declared the capital of Catalan culture. This honor stemmed from this region's many cultural outlets and venues. There are various festivals and events taking place throughout the year, which help to give the city a distinctive feel and grandeur.

If you are already visiting Barcelona, Badalona makes for a great day trip. It is a short jump from Barcelona to Badalona, and the city has a much to offer in its own right. Given the proximity of Barcelona and Badalona, checking out this Catalan cultural hotspot merely is a must for any traveler looking to get the most out of his or her Spanish excursion.