Seeing Live Music at Sala Apolo in Barcelona

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Venues such as Sala Apolo in Barcelona are truly fantastic for live music. When visiting Barcelona, you shouldn’t miss all the great live acts that perform year round. You can always find live music, and the facts are that you don’t even have to look very hard to find good options. Great bands and DJs love playing this city, and this fact is reflected in the city’s consistently fantastic Barcelona nightlife.

A trip to the city isn’t quite complete without checking out some of the vast numbers of Barcelona nightlife options. There are so many great places to choose from that it would be easy to miss some key aspects of the party scene. Are there great nightclubs in Barcelona? Of course, but this only tells a part of the story about why people from around the globe venture to Barcelona again and again to experience all that it has to offer.

La [2] de Apolo Barcelona

La [2] de Apolo, partial view

Apolo 1 and Apolo 2 - Music Options from Two Great Venues in One Spot

Sala Apolo offers music in two different sections. The Apolo Club consists of two distinct venues that are adjacent, and the set-up actually works.

The venues are referred to "Sala Apolo" and "La [2] de Apolo". In Sala Apolo, you can expect a much larger space with a capacity for 1255. On the other hand, La [2] de Apolo is much more intimate with a capacity for 400.

Sala Apolo Barcelona in action

Club Apolo in action

Club Apolo in Barcelona - Consistently Drawing a Hip Crowd

Club Apolo draws a very hip crowd. You can expect to benefit from the very best sound systems. What kind of music can you expect at Apolo? Everything from hip hop to techno and more makes frequent appearances.

DJ’s at Apolo tend to have a relatively eclectic ear. The live music choices that are programmed also tend to display a sufficient amount of diversity. In short, when you make your way over to Apolo, you have a chance of hearing a range of tunes.

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Smart Music Programming Year Round

Over the years, Sala Apolo has built up a strong reputation for providing not just great music, but also for providing lots of variety.

You can expect to hear a broad range of music. Additionally, considerable thought is given to the overall programming as to maximize the fact that there are two different venues where you can see live music and dance every day of the week. The end result is a unique experience.

The diversity of Apolo makes it a smart choice for travelers, especially if you like techno and hip-hop. Sala Apolo is large, but La [2] de Apolo is definitely smaller.

Overall, Club Apolo makes for an excellent introduction to nightclubs in Barcelona. The venue is easy to get to by public transport, and of course, there is the fact that it is conveniently located in a very accessible neighborhood.

Joan Miro Foundation in Montjuic hill, at a few minutes of Sala Apolo Barcelona

Joan Miro Foundation in Montjuic hill, at a few minutes of Sala Apolo

Travelers and Locals Alike Can Take Advantage of the Excellent Montjuic Location

Apolo is located on Nou de la Rambla street, near Montjuic. It’s right off of the very busy Ave Paralel. This location means that you can easily enjoy activities in this great neighborhood and then head over to enjoy the club when it gets late enough.

For example, the Fundacio Joan Miro is only about a 5-minute drive away. You will see amazing modern art from this talented artist as well as works from other contemporary artists.

Other exciting attractions in Montjuic include the Magic Fountains, botanical gardens, and the Catalan Museum of Archaeology. It is also considered the biggest “green zone” in the city since there are so many different parks and even forests. Montjuic also offers excellent views of the city. You can easily spend the entire day exploring this area.

The end result is that travelers can enjoy Montjuic in the day, get a great dinner and then make the trip over to Sala Apolo in Barcelona to party the night away. Trust us; this is an utterly fantastic way to spend any day in the city.